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Something many people don't realize is that Google will stop looking at search terms after the 10th word. That's right, it ignores every search term after the 10th word. So those long searches people search with are only getting partial results, which in the end won't be as useful to you. So now you may be asking - how do I fix that? How do I search for what I want with a limited amount of words? Well, we're going to tell you.

One way to help shorten your search query is by getting rid of words such as, "and", "or", "of", and "the". Another thing to do is remove common phrases such as "The man" or "The lady" - try and favor obscurity. For example: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." (an excerpt from Hamlet) - right there is 7 words. By using that search query you're leaving no room for additional query words or search syntax. Instead try using this query - "protest too much methinks" or "doth protest too much" both of which will provide within the first five links the origins of the phrase and pointers to more information.

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