How To Write A Blog Entry

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How To Write A Blog Entry

Once you login to your BT Blog account you'll be brought to a page called the "Dashboard". The Dashboard is the page where you can get an overview of all your stats - how many people have linked to you, number of comments, number of categories, number of posts, etc.


If you click the link "Write a Post" you'll be taken to another page.


From that page you can write your blog entry, when you're done writing on the right hand side you'll see something called "Categories" under categories you can either Add a category for your new blog entry or you can use an existing one, once you've done that just tick the box for the category you would like your blog entry to fall under. Once you've done that you can now hit the Publish button and it publish your new blog entry.

Note: You can also password protect your post if don't want everyone to read it. To do that click the password protect + sign and enter the password of your choice to give to people and then click Publish.

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