.002 Or .00002? Simply Math?

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As far as I got I'd actually be ticked at the customer -- Try to help someone and they start throwing a half-dozen decimal questions at you over the phone? What? Just tell me what your freakin' problem is. Obviously you've had time to prepare all these math questions, maybe you should have spent that time preparing something that would help solve your problem instead of being purposely belligerant. I'd have said, "Call me back when you wish to discuss how I can help you."

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I listened to the whole clip. I believe it is somewhere around 27 min.

The easiest way I could think to explain it would be you're quoting 0.002 CENTS per KB used. The guy used x (I don't remember what the actual number was) KB of data, therefore you multiply that by 0.002 Cents/KB and you get 71.40 CENTS that are to be paid, not $71.40.

You're multiplyng 0.002 Cents/KB by x number of KB...you therefore get a figure in Cents and not Dollars. It looks like they're being tripped up by the fact that $0.002 Dollars is not the same thign as 0.002 Cents even though to some people it seems like it is.

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