Sorry, My Mistake

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Sorry for the mistake, ah had changed my name to suppy, the answer.

Back in and Miss Fae via PM said to thank Mike for a 2 week ban for suppyall.

Now i'm extremely hurt I did that and would like Mike to let him return.

Unbelievable, but he is willing to behave.

Thru some e-mails with Nick, understand his situation now.

Remember a cornered animal will strike back.

All the abuse he has taken, no wonder, told Nick he was a stronger person than I am.

Found a new friend and ppl cut him some slack, all will be ok in the future.

Oh Mike how sorry I am, please delete a thread at the Arena, next time I shall turn

the computer off and walk away.

Thanks Sultan for calming me down, off to town to get myself a rabies shot haha


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hi marsh

you are better off here any way

stay a while

and post among friends

your expertise will be appreciated here

in stead of among that g4 rabble

i didnt think a board could sink that low in the mire

the way it is run now

tho im a fan of(mlegg]

he has helped me in the past

i class you as a special mate

we have come long way through these message boards.

but stay here

these are the best on the net


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Thanks Marty

Will take your advice my friend, tho I need to stay active with the tech questions haha

I think the Philippines are closer to you.

Oh the lady to become my wife in Manila, tickeled pink haha

A dream come true.


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Is suppyall still around over there. He was trouble 2 years ago should have been banned then. You are always welcome here Marsh

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Hi Marsh,

Very good to hear from you. Other than getting banned, it sounds like you are doing great and that is terrific. When you move to Manila I hope you will still visit us. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated around here.

Take care my friend,


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Your account is still there Marsh. You changed the name to suppy. All the PMs are still safe. Log in with the user name suppy and your password.

Marsh you changed your username. You are not banned. You did not read the PMs I sent to you when I was taking care of suppyall.

In the PM I told you I moved the thread to our hidden trash forum so I could keep it from becoming archived and at the same time preserve the posts where suppy incriminated himself. Pulling it off Tech Support IS the best thing to do for this situation. Now look at the screenshot below:


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Thanks for the update Mike. I think Marsh just got a little excited and made some bad assumptions. Life will go on at Days of Our Lives at G4.

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Ah, tricky way to announe an AdAware update, that Calendar Of Events doesn't know about.

Now I'm having a great day, just need to come out more and chat, a weakness of mine.

Build that post count haha

Marsh....And my Juvy

He he he. The fresh air will do you some good. :D

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Hi Marsh, found your post about this over on Mike's BD thread, and answered you there, so will just copy and paste my comments from there to here and go back and edit them off that thread in a minute.

"Hello Marsh, welcome back over here!!!

I was over there late last night, saw that your screen name had changed!!! Wondered what I missed while I was away for a couple of days, but if you managed to get that supyall (or whatever he called himself) troll out then hoooray for you!!!

You shouldn't have been banned at all, but praised!!!

It seems strange to see you there with a different screen name. But I saw the Buckwheat name was underneath (but no picture avatar yet?) and he will win out for sure, and I hope he is healed up by now!!!

Marsh don't let that place's deterioration get to you, you have helped alot of people over the years, something to definitely be proud of!!! I'm glad to see you came back strong with your new screen name there, though haven't quite figured the meaning of it yet unless...well I wont tell my guess, but if I am right... then good on ya!!!

Take care my friend. You have lots of support over there and here too Marsh!!!"

Please tell us more about new love interest in the Philippines, curious minds (alright snoopy minds!) want to know more! Please?

Pretty girl. Hope it all works out well for you Marsh.


God bless everyone

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-> though haven't quite figured the meaning of it yet unless

Assume suppy, then I was getting real serious to finally get him banned.

My fricken mistake, not remembering my new name...rats

Now that I got in, changed back to normal, well whatever is normal for Marsh haha

So sorry for that, but think about a young man of 16 y/o, being picked on for all this

time. How would you feel ? Of course I would strike back, good grief the hurt he must feel.

I'm certainly am going to make amends via e-mail with Nick, he really can come around,

with a little help from friends, oh which he has none at G4, well he has me now.

Fighting fire with fire is a bad thing, he made me a better person.

Thanks Nick (supyall), I truely mean it.

Thanks for letting me get this out of my "system" haha

Planning to stick around.


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Oh, darn Calling ID always says this, just crazy why Jeff gets this rating, should correct

the company, bad mistake with Calling ID

-> The site you accessed is

CallingID verification tests have found the following:

Site owner hides its identity

The site ownership has been identified.

The site is not on a scamming or phishing blacklist.

This site currently being accessed has a CallingID risk assessment of High Risk.

Before you proceed please visually verify this is the site you want to visit and give information with caution as hackers often use this connectivity type.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- contains access to one or more other site pages based on where you place the cursor or enter data on the page. CallingID will alert you and highlight the target site with the CallingID Risk Assessment.

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well supyall

hasent changed

he was a pain in the az

at techtv

he was known as the

the troller of trolls

and i remember pete_c and chappy

had many troubles with him

im not sure if he has changed or not

as i dont go there much

but it is a pity he can contribute much to the boards instead of s-----t stiring

i class him as captain of the wan-----s


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Ah, a chat tread, so a glimpse into my life if you wish haha, messy desktop Sultan.

Tonite a poster needed to convert PSD to Jpeg and you linker weren't there haha

So Irfan was in order....Intertesting desktop, but messy, so I shall show you mine,

No clue where the wallpaper came from, but it is stretched because the lappy

is a 17" wide screen, a Toshiba P25-s507, 2 years old now but a sweetheart.

Edit: ouch sorry IMG works here, but haven't seen then, so the link...My desktop, updateable haha

Profile at G4 will explain best my past life haha

The new future to move to Davao, Philippines soon as a bunch of affairs are taken care.

A question asked, of course my family here, what's the difference if i'm in Northern Wisconsin,

or the Philippines, matters not haha, only the atmosphere changes and life style.

For a better understanding, to live like a millionaire in the Phils for less than $1,000 a month.

A hidden secret the beauty of the Philippines that few know about.

Juvy has her BA, working on the masters in marketing, working full time 13 years now

with Sonia Trading International, head of the marketing team.

Ouch her check is $300 a month. Understand what the VA 100% service connected Agent Orange, simple

to check the public record, so it's $2,500 tax free my check guaranted for life and Juvy as a wife,

will receive after my death, so she will be covered.

So Marsh is quite happy, and yes BuckWheat gets a vista, wouldn't leave without him.

Back to his normal self.

Full VA health care in Manila.

Darn took me almost 59 years to find her.

Oh, a physiologist found the Phils 25 years ago just finished building his dream home on 3 acres

water frontage, 3 bedroom 2 bath beauty for $7,995 (not a typo) home insurance ie $16 a year.

Car insurance is $14 a year. Darn but DSL is $50 a month.

Please don't tell the secret haha

Party time for anyone to come visit us haha


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Hi Marty my friend

You peeped in when typing out a long post.

Change the subject, we all were young and foolish in the past haha

So think positive, the young will grow up with some guidance, didn't we all need some

help along the way.

Just great to be back here, such a warm feeling with these quality people.

Edit: good grief I was talkative, ouch.....

Edited by marsh_0x

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