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  1. Terrorist, I'm sorry for the delay. I don't even deserve help after this long. I found the log and opened it.. Was going to paste it here since I told you I would, but after seeing it, I don't think you want all of that. It was a mountain of logs.
  2. Terrorist -- I will do this....on laptop now and had to be briefly out of town but will get this done this afternoon. Thank you.
  3. Pete, I am just back to the BT site and am now seeing your follow up. Just last week, I finally put SP3 on my XP desktop, and when the latest updates came out, selected them all. There were three NET Framework updates and NONE were able to install. I want to tell you that I read both of your responses here and really do not understand what you want me to do. All of these links make me nervous and scare me a little. ( I went to some of them) I don't mean I don't think I should do anything about this. You and jcl have convinced me I should, but all of this at once overwhelms me. Can I j
  4. Terrorist, I apologize. I do not know an error # Pete, thank you for all of those links. I'm a bit overwhelmed seeing them at this moment, but I'll look at them tomorrow when I can. I kind of relaxed about this when I didn't see anything on this board, and then a tech guy told me that I should just ignore future .NET framework updates since I'm not some kind of developer and don't need .NET framework anyway. Seeing all of your links makes me think I'd better start worrying again!
  5. For the last several times I've updated, this update has failed to install: "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP (KB974417) Date last published: 10/13/2009" As far as I can remember, I've never had an update to fail. Should I worry...or should I do something in particular? Thanks if someone has time to respond. nancy
  6. Rich, thanks so much for your guidance...am embarrassed that I did not check the resources tab. You've taught me now. Terrorist, thanks for your suggestion. The only reason I was considering it was that I'm not going to be able to get to my Mother's computer (out of town and 87 yrs old) before the Dec 1 when AVG is setting some sort of deadline to download their free version 9. Didn't know if they were going to cut people off of the free program or not. Maybe I can do the update after the 1st. nancy
  7. I first thought the new Windows Security Essentials anti-virus program was only for Win7 and probably Vista. After reading the posts on Marty's problem, I'm thinking it's okay for XP? Thanks for anyone's time! nancy
  8. As usual, I am in heaven on BestTechie! I am just thrilled over all of this information. Every one of these answers helped me in different ways. And...for you to take the time to give me illustrations is so very helpful and makes all the difference in understanding. I feel so lucky and can't wait to pass this on to my friend. Thank you!!!!
  9. Sure hope someone can help me. I'm old... but an even older friend several states away had to buy a Vista machine, and I have been trying to help her do certain things over the phone -- not fun since I know nothing about Vista! One of the things I can't seem to find on the Microsoft site is the folder directory tree. I'm not sure if this is the correct terminology, but I want to be able to see how Vista folders are set up, like the same thing I can see in Windows Explorer in XP and previous versions. I need to be able to help her navigate from within other programs to, for instance, her fold
  10. I appreciate all of your input so very much. Thanks for taking the time!
  11. Iccaros, thank you for your time. I don't really mean that I am a business using the computer for that purpose. I was referring more to websites that require a password, such as ordering something from Amazon.com, for instance, or possibly checking a bank balance. I'm considering one of these cards for a relative and am just wondering what the security limitations might be. They would be using a Vista laptop but would probably only have an anti-virus and the built in firewall.
  12. I understand that using a wireless hotspot [like a hotel or coffee house] can always be a security concern and you wouldn't want to do business transactions in that situation. However, if you are using your own personal AT&T Wireless Internet Card at your home or some other area, wouldn't you be safe? If anyone knows about this, I'll sure appreciate your time. nancy
  13. Pete, thanks for adding to this thread. You sound fairly positive, so I think I'll go for it. I prefer to have the software off the shelf as opposed to downloading it in case something goes wrong, so this will be good.
  14. Terrorist, I was so glad to see that you had given me a comment. I assume this means you respect CNET's reviews? I feel like you are probably guessing correctly about me. If I thought it was okay, I would probably feel the most comfortable just staying with Norton. Thanks.
  15. I will appreciate it so much if someone has time to help me. I have used Norton security software since the mid 90's, I believe. At this time, I'm running Norton Internet Security 2005 and the subscription has 19 days left. After listening to Leo in recent months, I've decided maybe I should make a change. He seems to be so against Norton -- says it will keep you from doing certain things. So far, I have never had a problem "doing things" but maybe it's because I'm still running the 2005 version. I also saw on CNET that their editors rated the latest Norton Internet Security 2009 pretty hi
  16. Oh, gosh! Thanks so much for the quick response, B! This helps me so much. So, since it's easier for me to disconnect from the modem, that will be the same "OK to do," right?
  17. I'm in the process of setting up a "back-up" computer for my mother and need to use the same ethernet port on my modem that I am presently using for my own computer. Is it okay to pull my ethernet cable from the modem without closing down my computer so I can use that same port for the backup computer cable? OR is it important to close down my computer before disconnecting from the modem? Sure will appreciate your time and response! nancy
  18. Pete, thank you so much for adding and for the fun dog comments too! Beautiful picture. I will check all of these out before heading to my Mother's on Tues.
  19. Thanks Barb -- I've checked on the flash. Thanks jcl and isteve -- yes, it is definitely WMP -- pandacam says nothing about requirement of flash but CNN live video mentions it. Either way, I'll check. Still strange to me that this happened all of a sudden.
  20. Liz, what a treat to see your post. I wondered about calling her ISP. It is certainly worth a try. I'll call them tomorrow. If no luck there, I'll follow through with the flash. Thanks! nancy
  21. Falcon, I just looked on my own computer, and I realize I don't know where to find the flash player. Where would I look? Thanks
  22. Falcon1986 -- Thanks so much for your time. We're a couple of hrs away, but I'll be going next week and will try this!