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  1. Thanks for Sharing this usefull information.
  2. Thanks for sharing this usefull information.
  3. If you are going to work and do a lot of browsing on the Internet, the first thing you need to learn is how to take care of your computer. It is far better that you take the trouble to look after your computer regularly, rather than have it freeze or crash when you lose everything on it, at which time you'll have to pay out a lot to have it fixed. Here are some tips to prevent disasters: 1) Set your virus checker to update itself automatically. This way, it is always updated with the latest protection. 2) Scan your computer daily when you finish working on it. 3) If on a certain day you happen
  4. Printers have evolved as a very important part of today’s infrastructure of any company. Traditionally people have to invest separately for different products required in an office (essential ones also). There has to be a printer, a fax machine, a scanner….but now as the technology is converging, so are the products. We have today a Multi functional Printer that does all the tasks like faxing, copying, scanning and printing for us. In short the world today wants a compact device that adds much value to their daily printing , copying,scanning and Fax needs at a much affordable cost. A multi
  5. Shopping online is rapidly becoming the preferred mode of bargain hunting for many. In 2007 Britons spent a whopping £55.3 billion via the web – an increase of roughly a third on the previous year – and we have already dropped £13 billion into web retailers’ (or etailers’) tills in the first three months of 2008, according to IMRG, the trade body for UK online retailers. The problem is, as spending increases, so does fraud and the number of online Del Boys trying to relieve us of our cash. Losses from “card not present†fraud, where criminals use stolen credit card details to buy
  6. Since all the new stuff is coming out in a month or so, I have decided to wait it out for the better pricing ! In the mean time, I want to try and see if I can beef up my dinosaur and get it to run AoC on the lowest setting(just to get started) Whats the best processor I can throw on this mobo and get it to work? intell says the 3.06 p4...Intel® Desktop Boards - D845PECE Would it even be worth it ??? if I pick one of those up on the cheap and overclock it to 3.5.... will I be ok ?? the rest of the computer has a 128MB AGP Radeon 9800 , 378mhz GPU clock speed (stock) and 2 GB of pc2700 333mhz
  7. I've been having some issues with my computer lately, so I thought I'd try hijack this. Can anyone lend me a hand with this log ?
  8. Have u solved your probelms ?