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  1. i don't know about you, but i am just saying, this thing looks pretty nice what do you think? see it here anyone have one? whats the deal with them pro's/con's......i am looking to get one, for my wife of course, for a gift.
  2. i have recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop.....everything is working fine but the wireless will not connect. also i am not able to connect to my the Verizon mifi. does anyone know what i may be doing wrong? the wireless icon in the top task pane is there but showing no signal.....i have messed with the wireless settings some and tried to set it up but had no luck...anyone have experience with this that can help me i thank you.
  3. Answer i found to be correct: a classless routing protocol is one which does contain the subnet address in the packet header a classfull routing protocol does not contain the subnet mask in the packet header some examples of a classless protocol are: RIPv2, eigrp, ospf, is-is and bgp a clasfull protocol would be RIPv1 classfull protocols do not support VLSM (variable length subnet mask)
  4. cisco router have many different options and configuration modes. when configuring the settings of the router you must be in priv-exec mode. which is entered by a password assigned by the network administrator. after in priv exec mode you must then enter global configuration mode by typing "config terminal" this is the mode in which you may change the routers running configurations and starting config. here you can also begin to assign the ip addresses of interfaces as well as set different protocols, (please note there are more commands to reach these settings and the ability to alter them. i
  5. whats the difference between a class-less and class-full protocol?