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  1. Red HAt 8 is old ( I mean old... ) it probly is not supported by your hardware.. an updated ?Kernel would work, or just download fedora code 5, the red hat bible for 8 will do you no good. they are up to version 5 which puts you 6 version behind.. good for old hardare.. but unless you know how to update everything, bad for new I still have my Suse 9.1, would I be ahead of the "game" if I re-instaled it and utilized ?
  2. Red HAt 8 is old ( I mean old... ) it probly is not supported by your hardware.. an updated ?Kernel would work, or just download fedora code 5, the red hat bible for 8 will do you no good. they are up to version 5 which puts you 6 version behind.. good for old hardare.. but unless you know how to update everything, bad for new
  3. I haven't been here since I was running Suse Pro 9.1 (2005). I eventually jettisoned it as I found it to restrictive, for lack of a better term. I've always (and still) look forward to the day when I can once and for all say adios to Bill Gates. I recently happened upon a copy of the "Red Hat Linux 8 Bible" by Christopher Negus, while strolling through the Grand Central Terminal bookstore (NYC). I bought it, it came with the Red Hat 8 CD-ROMS. I now have a dual boot with it and Winblows XP Pro. I can access the XP but can't get all the way into Red Hat. After it goes through this rolling scrol
  4. Whether I'm opening an .exe file or extracting a .zip file I get the same results. I get an error message that says just this: C:\PROGRAM~1\Symantec\S32EVENT1.DLL. - Installable virtual device driver failed DLL initialization. Is this the "Symantec" of the Norton variety? I had Norton Anti-Virus and System Works but un-installed them in favor of AVG Home Edition coupled with Zone Alarm. I cleaned my registry of any left over Symantec bits and pieces with from . Anybody got any clues? I don't.
  5. This is for a friend who can't get online to find the answers. She just did a memory upgrade (HP Compaq Pavillion8750C), was 64MB went to 512MB and upgraded BIOS through esupport through her work computer (downloaded to a floppy). She was running Windows 98 but it crashed so she installed a corporate version of Windows XP Pro. I know she did the FAT as opposed to the NTFS (?) Any problem there? I had the same problem (application hang) awhile ago, nobody(then) knew what to say. Anyone got anything? Thanks.
  6. I am so excited to be able to share this great find with all my Newbie Brethren. I was surfing on the Sea of Linux and rode the wave to this island paradise . Finally the complexities of this marvelous OS explained in terms even I understand. This website should be looked at by those of you who are considered by many to be "expert". Not because you will learn something in a technical sense (although you may), but .....Allow me to use an analogy to better explain what it is that I'm trying to say. Often, when I stop someone on the street to ask for directions to a plac
  7. Well I'm no expert, real or imagined, but on two different occasions I found it necessary to reinstall. I didn't feel the least bit diminished. It was just a part of "my" learning curve. But like I said, I'm no expert. There are however several in this forum that are very generous with their time, and nobody gets flamed. I've been spending what I feel is an abundant amount of time learning (?) how to install a working DVD Player (xine) in my Suse Pro 9.1. I've had to uninstall twice. They say third time is a charm (oh-boy). Well good luck, and enjoy. Mad Mike
  8. Everything works in Windows. I'm not sure what you mean by "...which programs are you using to do DVD xine?" There is a URL on the face of the "player", Also the xine logviewer say's: "cannot find input plugin for MRL [ dvd:/ ] does any of this help you ? As of Feb 16 I no longer have media player, I uninstalled everything (again). The last install was missing the Media Resource Locator. When I have time I'll do a more comprehensive search for EVERYTHING I need.
  9. Everything works when I'm in Windows. I'm not sure what you mean by "Which program are you using to do DVD xine". There is a URL on the front of the player: Also the xine log viewer reads: cannot find input plugin for MRL [ dvd:/ ] .
  10. Well some success. I went to yast and uninstalled Xine. I followed the link provided by hitest and downloaded libdvdcss-rpm 1.2.8-1 network. i386.rpm, xine-lib - i586, xine-ui i586. I used the package manager to install them. I can watch but not listen, there is no audio. What is an "MRL" Hey, we are only looking for progress here not perfection. I want to thank everyone on this forum that has offered their help. I wait to hear from (any of) you. Mad Mike
  11. Thank you for your fast reply, I used Kpackage to install something only to be told it already was there, which is OK because now I know what to use instead of YAST. I've got my own version of a "soap box" and I climb up on it from time to time. I'll get back to you soon. I'm going to buy "linux in a Nutshell" and read it.
  12. I need some clarification here: "install either again", do you mean uninstall xine and re-install the Googled upgrade and/or reinstall Suse, ommitting the files for media players? Either/ or? Tictoc provided a link that looks promising.
  13. Sometimes when asked for "root" I get denied other times it works. (?) I've had some fun with the "super user" console, found (dir / mail) unopened e-mail pre-dating Suse install. Tried some suggestions dealing with "rpm" packages, discovered KPackage and learned that I cannot download "libdvdcss" , there is a disclaimer at the Packman site that says "copyright in Germany is coming into force, therefore we can no longer provide libdvdcss". Question: Is it possible to repartition my Hard drive without losing Windows XP or Suse Linux. I have an 80 gig Western Digital W/ 2 partitions. I'd like to
  14. I still don't know how to bypass YAST but I'm not discouraged. I'm in a learning curve (mine happens to be wide and sweeping) I know that I will eventually figure all of this out. I also know that I can come here as well as a number of other websites and ask for help.I know that the only "stupid" question is the one not asked. Iccaros, I know I'll look back with some understanding of what your response was about. Just not today(Feb. 11, 2005) Thank you all
  15. I'm currently running the Suse 9.1 Pro. I downloaded a "bunch of stuff from Packman and the files (Xine-lib-1.0.tar.gz,, and MPlayer 1.0pre6a-pm.2., i686.rpm ) are sitting in my personal files and that is where they will stay until I learn how to circumvent YAST and use command prompt. I'm afraid I know alot less than you think. You're instructions were still GREEK to me.
  16. I'm running a dual boot Suse-Linux with windows XP. The only reason I go into Windows is to use a media player. I've tried to obtain both Kaffien and Xine but I get told something about copyright infringement. I'm a brand new "newbie" and when I messed around with the MPlayer download, my computer and I got very confused. I don't want to have to go back to "Bill'$" program if I don't have to. But I am getting very frustrated. I'm waiting for a book called "Linux for Dummies", I am cluless. I've read a number of post here and I'm almost embarrassed at just how ignorant I am when it comes to com
  17. Does anyone know of any publications that I might obtain that contains a running list of command prompts and what they do? Windows is such a no brainer, I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons with open source.
  18. Thanks for the replies, but what I did was to re-boot from disc one and do a re-install. I'm currently in the Linux OS and having a ball. I had this system up and running about a year ago but went at things uninformed. This time I'll take my time studying the user and administrator guide. Get familiar with utilizing the Windows emulator and it'll be so long Billy boy (Gate$) Thanks and I'm sure I'll be asking more questions later.
  19. I just completed an install of Suse Linux 9.1 Professional. I had this installed once before and all was well, 'til I screwed something up (ignorance is NOT bliss). On this install I followed the recommendations for passwords and can't login. After the boot is complete I follow the prompts: Login Name:_________ Password:__________ And the last prompt is :login Name@linux~>________, I wrote down EVERYTHING and nothing I enter following the(>) symbol does anything. I'm as frustrated with this bulls__t as I have been with Micro$oft. I need help!
  20. Up until about an hour ago my I.E. homepage was About:Blank, not a major concern as I mostly stay with my Mozilla Suite, but on occasion a link I might click on opens Internet Expolrer and I'm (was) faced with this porno based search engine. So what I did was typed REGEDIT in the RUN box and drilled down through "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main/StartPage". Right clicked on "Start Page" to left of where it said About:Blank,got a dialogue box, cleared the About:Blank entry and re-typed the URL of my choice clicked "ok" and... Good Bye About:Blank... every thing seems
  21. I have often heard it said that God speaks to us through others. Often times when (I'm) speaking to others and he elects that I am that "other", That "other"is also speaking (volumes) to me. Let us hope then and (some) pray that in the wake of the election(s) in Iraq that we as a country take the opportunity, in the wake of a Democracy being born, to bear witness to the Truths that have made this nation a nation of distinction. Common Sense didn't die, He's been under house arrest. Shackled by the lies of the Main Stream Media. And just as the Light of truth begins to shine in Iraq so too shal
  22. I did the SP2 upgrade last year and developed a problem with "application hang", everytime I right-clicked on a drop down menu my computer would freeze or I'd get a dialogue box for the printer I didn't have. I couldn't reach M$ in their ivory tower either. I ended up wiping the drive clean, doing a re-install w/SP1 on a new WD 80 gig. I use Mozilla Suite and Mozilla mail. I haven't had a problem since. I think I'll re-install the dual boot with the Suse Linux 9.1 Professional.