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    My big interests are video game playing and system building. I originally registered for the vista give away but this forum looks like a good place to explore my techie interests further.

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    2 WD 74gb raptors in Raid 0 MSI K9AG neo 2 motherboard Creative X-Fi F4T4L1TY sound card MS Ergo 4000 Logi G5 Mouse 20 Inch crt monitor 8800gts g92 CM Stacker Case Zalman air coolers FX 62 AM2 cpu 2gb Super Talent DDR2 Ram oc'd to 1333 Silencer 750 quad PSU
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    XP SP2 Home
  1. Thanks for subbing to my youtube channel. I really think this is a pretty good idea. It's nice of you. I always kind of wanted my own copy of vista ultimate but even the OEM is a bit rich for my blood. It would be nice to get all of those sweet features for free. Good stuff.