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  1. Thanks for the great post I have been looking for something like this for a while
  2. Im quite bored at the moment so i decided that id create a guide here. I would do it on ym site but I want a break from it Step 1: Ensure you have a linux hosting plan with go daddy, if you opted for the windows plan you will not be able to install this forum, Go daddy will gladly help you switch servers for free just send them an email and they will let you know hoe. step 2: Go to you hosting contral panel, and then on the home page of your hosting panel click under the control tab. Then click on metropolis whihc should load another screen step 3: Once there enter the word forum into the sea
  3. I just realised this section of the site was dedicated to SEO well i created an article on SEO check it out hopefully it will help you guys out let me kow what you think of the article
  4. Hi im having some problems with google it is not indexing my site, im not sure why, i have got everything in order, i have the robots.txt file and have submitted a site map.. Does anyone have any suggestions So you can ahve a look at the html Thank you for taking your time out to read this post
  5. anyone willing to make a website banner for my site, Its on science just let me no if you are intrested
  6. Hey first post Im just wondering if anyone has any good free or very inexspensive web authoring software. I need something that 1) Is very easy to use i have no html knowledge and have not got the time too learn 2) Something which is preferably WYSIWYG 3) Not Nvu i have had problems with Nvu Thanks guys