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  1. Hey Guys, Well I just opened my PC up and everything is neatly wired, I followed the wires from the USB and there connected to something (im not great at hardware), all of the other plugs work, headphone and microphone jack, firewire. So could this be a driver problem? Thanks WizzKid P.S. I not sure if the mobo has internal USB support, how would I know?
  2. Hey Guys, Does anybody know of a headset that would be good for voice chat in-game, or using Teamspeak etc...I run Windows Vista x64 (driver support is a must) and would prefer if the cable was USB instead individual cables for the microphone and headphones, if you understand. Thanks in advance, WizzKid
  3. I assume so, as the company that built the PC didnt saying anything about not plugging them in...I will check in the morning!
  4. Ok thanks , Didnt realize I was in the wrong place!
  5. Hey Guys, Well today I got my custom made computer (finally), with a few problems, I managed to sort most of them out, mainly driver support. I have got four front USB 2.0 on my case but when I plug something in, they do not work: Do you have any idea why? I dont really know where to start looking for drivers, as I thought USB was a standard thing, and I have 8 USB's at the back of the computer, which all work fine! Anyone any ideas? Thanks, WizzKid P.S. Heres my PC Spec if this helps!
  6. Haha! I solved that, took me ages though! Damn CSS
  7. Hey Guys, Where did you get it Jeff? I know you got it from here: http://www.wyldryde.org/chat/getchat.php But how did you make it neater, and better looking, as the one I created is nothing like yours, whats the secret, I have noticed Chris has it as well Thanks, WizzKid
  8. I haven't really been here very long, But Happy Birthday guys WizzKid
  9. Awesome dude! Hopefully it will fit in with me in Scotland we will see. Thanks, WizzKid
  10. Hey, I loved your ustream when you were covering for Chris, it was awesome dude! Maybe you should have set times you will be on, like show kinda things! Would be awesome man! WizzKid
  11. Hey Bubba Bob I have something that might help you, Drupal, this is a very good, hmmm not sure what to call it really, but its highly configurable and customizable. It allows users to make accounts, leave comments, upload things etc etc! Also you can have different user groups, like most forums have, so you can have Moderators and/or admins (the list could go on forever ) Hope that helps dude! WizzKid
  12. Hey, I am not sure what Operating System you are on, but what I am about to say is only for Mac. Galerie is a very easy-to-use piece of software, it creates photos albums for your website, and then allows you to upload all the files, this also supports comments . How the software works? Well you pick all your images and then pick a layout, you can download different ones from the internet, and then you configure some settings and click generate! This will generate loads of different files and then you simple upload them to your ftp Hope that helps mate, WizzKid P.S. If you know CSS and HTML