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  1. Yeah, I recently read that in some old sources. I've been meaning to add a footnote to the article to that effect. -uberpenguin
  2. Oh hey, it's me again, bumping this here thread. Well, with finals over I finally got around to finishing the article... Anybody want to take another look? -uberpenguin
  3. Both discrete and discreet are correct words, but with different meanings... Observe: discreet (adj) discrete (adj) Thanks for checking, though. -uberpenguin
  4. Oh come now, I'm not asking for help WRITING the article, just a few folks who can read and are mildly interested to give me some input/criticism. Surely such persons can be found herein? -uberpenguin
  5. What the hell tj? Somebody has a serious problem and you can't get over your own damn ego for five minutes and try to let go the various times that you've perceived me wronging you. The personal attack and stereotype on Southerners is a real winner for making your point, though... Bravissimo. Have you ever actually dealt with law enforcement agencies as regards to cyber crime? Try it sometime; local agencies are either understaffed or totally incompetent to deal with it. Higher agencies won't bother with your case unless things have already escallated to a very bad level. Wolfman doesn't
  6. Why hasn't anybody suggested the most obvious solution? Change your daughter's email address silently and without informing jerkwad. Leave the other account open so his emails don't bounce back and totally ignore anything he sends to it. I suggest changing the account password to one only you know, so you can make the judgement calls when it comes to anything that may need to be dealt with there (like, perhaps, legit friends of your daughter who didn't get the notification of a changed address, etc). It will take awhile for jerkface to realize what has happened, and by the time he does he
  7. Okay, I added the image of the PDP-8/I's guts to the article... It works very nicely I think. I'd still like to add an image of a modern microprocessor mask or die, perhaps a good image of tube racks from an early electronic computer's arithmetic units (if such a thing can be verified), and some kind of datapath diagram for the functionality section. Intel has a really good picture of a Pentium 4 die here (I dunno if it's false colour or not)... It would be nice to use that one, though I'm unsure if Intel would allow it. I've also found a pretty decent picture of an IBM 603 tube-based multip
  8. Eh... Ahead makes Nero for Linux. I believe it's a free download if you already own a non-OEM copy of Nero.
  9. So I had a few extra moments to myself this weekend, and in an upswing in my love/hate relationship with Wikipedia decided to try to write another featured article. My last one was on Oakland Cemetery, so for a change of pace I decided to take upon myself the ambitious task of making the Central processing unit article not suck. This is what I had to work with. As you can see, the task of making that train wreck of an 'article' not suck is daunting indeed. After scrapping almost all the significant content of the article (and scoping out the rest for future scrappage), I've brought it to a
  10. Very impressive; you've witnessed the XNU/Mach kernel dying... That's a pretty noteworthy accomplishment... Not epic, but noteworthy indeed. -uberpenguin
  11. Nah, it's just trace amounts of adrenaline being produced from a residual and suppressed version of the "fight or flight" mechanism. What your body is really telling you is "run." -uberpenguin
  12. Stop trying to be witty! We know you're incapable of it! -uberpenguin
  13. In honor of the occasion, I present the image of a man who is probably the most famous single furniture salesman in Atlanta. The man who turned his facial hair into a selling point (ASK FOR THE WOLFMAN!): -uberpenguin
  14. You might be thinking of a replay attack, which is when an attacker captures a useful packet that generates a response of known length (ARP is almost always what is used), and replays it over and over in order to generate a lot of encrypted traffic to analyze. The actual cryptanalysis, however, is done by the same means regardless of whether the attack is active or passive. That is, you can totally passively (non-detectably) crack WEP. -uberpenguin
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