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  1. I agree with nitti. Nero 7 has caused many problems for me and for other people. Nero 6 works just fine.
  2. Nice hitest! I downloaded the first Etch DVD ISO yesterday and plan on installing it on a spare laptop within the next few days.
  3. Print screen compounds all three monitors. Yes, in fact ultramon has a lot of cool features that really increase the usefulness of multiple monitors. As far as wallpaper goes, you can either use the same one on each monitor (like the screenshot above), use a different one on each monitor, or span a really large wallpaper across all the monitors. example example
  4. My triple monitor setup I have my main display in the middle (19" CRT) with a 17" LCD to the right and an older 17" CRT to the left. I use a cool little program called UltraMon to add separate taskbars to the two peripheral monitors. It works really well because each monitor essentially becomes a separate desktop (similar to the multiple desktop function found in Gnome and KDE for Linux). The only problem is the heat factor. Having three monitors on one desk creates a lot of heat and sometimes raises the room temp. by a few degrees.
  5. Pure awesomeness. I've been waiting many months for this.