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  1. I think this is exactly the thing that made cryptocurrency so popular. It is a method of paying and making transactions that have a lot of advantages. For example, you can make a transaction with any sum of money, in any part of the world, without using an intermediate like banks that take their commission. And the most important is that these transactions are finished momentaneous and completely anonymous with the help of the bitcoin tumbler. This is a good advantage for a lot of international businesses that often make transactions.
  2. I would like to know how you increase subscriptions and likes on your accounts. The thing is, if you do it with a bot, it's not cool. After all, Instagram immediately calculates such bots and bans the account. I think no one would want to lose their account because of a bot. Here I recently bought subscribers to At the same time, this is not done by a bot. These are real active accounts. This eliminates all risk. By the way, it really works. Before this purchase, I was a little skeptical about such things. However, when I saw the result, I realized th