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  1. That sounds like whole new level of grocery shopping!:) I miss grocery shopping with my kids, haven’t been doing groceries together for a while now. They would love this megastore (if it’s even real??)... they also kinda like it when I order my groceries via HODXpress, when I’ve filled my part of the cart I give them a spot or two to select something for their own. Me happy, kids happy, everybody happy:)
  2. Hell yess it helps save me a lot of time! Due to the corona madness I’ve been starting to use online grocery delivery apps and I feel so sorry for myself that I didn’t think of this ever before. Well of course, these apps haven’t been in our lives for a long time but still... I’ve been ordering my groceries from and it has eased my live immensely, especially now that I have to work from home and of course with the kids who are also at home all day...
  3. Nowadays there are so many options. It simply takes time and experience to understand which delivery service works best for you. Like you say, shipping costs are an important factor in picking the right grocery delivery service. Lately I’ve been using HODXpress for my groceries and I’m very satisfied. Fast delivery, contactless delivery, fresh greens... I definitely recommend it if you’re living in New Jersey or NY City!!