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  1. It's very exciting! Thank you for this thread. I would so like to start doing crypto mining...
  2. I started to play OverWatch because I was tired already of CSGO. One evening I just thought that I am playing already for ten years, with the same people, on the same maps in the same game. I and my friends started to play in OverWatch. It is pretty interesting but you get stored of it very fast. Now we are playing Apex, it is an interesting game for friends that play in a squad of four. Sometimes we can also practice some csgo gambling. This is like my second source of money. Playing on these sites you can make some money on your inventory.
  3. There is no way to start a successful project without a good SEO. That's true.
  4. In my opinion, it depends on the person, I bought my Kindle a year ago. Yes, it is easier to read books from it but I Like the traditional way of reading. The main problem of traditional reading, for me, maybe it is not the problem that everyone struggles with, is that I can't books on paper in my town that I want to read, that is why I have bought an e-book. Before I bought it I consulted myself on a site based on information about e-books, also that site recommended me to buy echo connect. It is a very useful gadget that helps me a lot, especially when my hands are busy. If you want more inf