Finally Getting A Laptop!

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Well as some of you know I'm in college and I'm finally getting a laptop for it. I guess I don't really need one but then again I can't read my own hand writing so it'd be good for notes :P . I don't have it yet but it'll be here in the next week or 2. I got it on eBay.

It's nothing special. It's an HP Pavilion ZE2308WM.


According to the auction it has 512MB of RAM and not 256 like the specs page says. Also according to a page I read on hard forums this little booger has great upgrade options. Supposedly it supports Turion 64 processors and though the specs page says it can handle 1GB the page I read said it can handle 2GB of RAM. I will probably immediately run it up to 1GB of ram and max the graphics memory to 128MB (shared with the system). It has integrated broadcom wireless which is pretty sweet. It's real sweet considering I have a wireless network plus the college has wireless all over the place.

My Friend had an eMachine configured identically but it was stolen. It was in his house (Trailer park), someone broke in and stole it. Luckily I live in a middle class neighborhood that is well protected by police and when that thing leaves the house, it'll be by my side in my Targus bag (I have 2, one from my old 486 and one from my Pentium MMX 150MHz) or in my back pack at all times. I may just buy a laptop backpack.

Since his laptop was the basically the same, I know what this thing can do. I can play CS:S on it, ALRIGHT!!! good bye boredom waiting for the next class to start after being let out early. Maybe I'll play CoD or DoD or something. Pretty much the only game I have that it can't play is BF2.

I can't wait for it. I'll have some clean up to do when I get it though. I hate the crap manufacturers put on PC's.



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$375 plus $24 shipping. I think that is roughly the same Black Friday 2005 price at Wally World. Essentially it's a fairly new laptop that's not even 1 year old that has already been upgraded, plus has massive upgrade potential. So in a year I drop some extra cash into it and I have a Turion 64 or maybe a Turion 64 X2 plus more RAM so the thing lasts another year till my dad drops $2000 on a brand new one (Alienware, Falcon NW, VooDoo, iBuyPower, or CyberPower). He said when I leave home for college (UT Martin) he'll buy me the , and now this is an actual quote from him, "whoop ass laptop".

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Ok, I didn't understand much of the specs, but congrats on the new toy, *ahem* I mean school supply, Hondaboy! With pricing my new idiotbox, I looked at laptops, too, and sure sounds like you got a outstanding deal!! Now, don't lose it, young man ;)


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Well I finally got it. I'm using right now but I think I'm going to reinstall Windows on it tonight. It's got a fresh install but the software that came with it is installed too. I don't feel like going through and uninstalling everything so I'll just do it my way and have it how I want by tommorrow. I'm taking this thing to class today. It weighs nothing. Man my old IBM THinkpad 380 (150MHz P1 MMX) weighs a ton compared to this thing. man it rocks. Well I'm going. Got some writing to do.

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