Delete A Registry Value

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I am just lost trying to follow this guide. I want to delete a value for a registry key. The syntax for the method is winapi32.RegDeleteValue(key, value)

value is a string, which is the name of the value. That part is easy. I don't understand the key argument. Below is what I am referencing

Any suggestions woudl be appreciated, thanks.

edit added later//

This seems to be working

import win32apiimport win32con
key = win32api.RegCreateKey( win32con.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" )win32api.RegDeleteValue(key, "value_name")
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yes python can create a registry key or value

Why does it have to create a registry value, doen't it just have to delete the value that the trojan created? I don't think I am following you totally.

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He's talking about using .reg files to patch the registry. Export your changes into a .reg file, then import it into the registry. The moral equivalent to editing a file by generating a diff and using the patch utility to apply the changes. IOW, doing it the hard way :)

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