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Had a thought (wow, already starting this off right!) I know it's possible to write Java applets on most new cell phones (mine supports it for sure) and I had the thought of making a program that could restrict the numbers you were able to call. More specifically, you could set up that from 9pm to 11am you could not call certain numbers such as home, work, girlfriend (anybody catch my drift yet?) in the event one was drinking. So, my question, what's the potential for an anti-drunk dialing program?

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I dont know enough about j2me to tell you if its possible or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. I dont think Im really understanding the point of the app, many phones have a key lock feature.

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it is a cool thought, but you could probably just disable it and still make your call. Have a lot of remorseful drinking episodes? :-)

Nope, I'm just always thinking ahead since I'm ussually a recipient (my brother is in college right now and a bunch of drunk girls always call me in the early hours of the morning)

And as far as disabling it, that's why I mentioned putting it on a timer so that it wouldn't let you call until sober - I mean morning

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