How To Setup A Ftp Server

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How to configure/setup an FTP Server

First download and install my personal favorite free FTP Server software:

Once installed the first thing you will want to do is open port 21. Port 21 is the standard port for FTP, if you have a router you’ll have to go into the router configuration/setup and port forward port 21. You can find directions on how to do that for Linksys Routers here (Most routers have a similar way to setup port forwarding):

Next you may want to create a DynDNS account the DynDNS account will allow you to use a “domain†name instead of your actual IP address. DynDNS is a free service however they do also have a pay service. The free service should be sufficient though. You can create your DynDNS account here:

Now we’re ready to get down to business. For the Server IP have the program use your local IP Address (the one you are on your network in my case Then we’re going to want to add users to the server. To do that we click the “User Administration†tab and then click “Add Userâ€


The user I am creating in this case is John. You can use whatever name you want and then click OK.


Once you have the user created, click their name so it becomes highlighted and tick the three boxes “Account Enableâ€, “Password Can Be Anythingâ€, and “Terms & Conditions not requiredâ€. Then make sure to fill in the users password – the password can be anything you or the user choose.


Next, where it says “Access Rights†right click in the white box and go to Add Choose %NULL% this will allow you to have a list of folders when the person connects so they can view all the folders they are allowed to view. Then right click an empty space and go to Add Browse … Ins


When you click Browse … Ins a dialog box like this will popup. Select the folder you want to share with the user you are creating in this case I chose the My Music Folder, you can only choose one folder at a time, so if you want to share more than one folder with the user you will have to repeat this step. Then click OK once you’ve selected the folder.


Name the folder whatever you want I chose to stick with the original name, then click OK.


Once you’ve added all the folders you want to share with the user and have filled out and ticked all the proper boxes it should look something like this:


After you’ve setup all the accounts you want, just click the button to turn on the server it should look like a folder with a lightening bolt. It will say server is ONLINE at the top. You can try and connect to the server with the account you just made for the user to make sure it works in this case when I connect with a FTP Client I should see one folder called “My Musicâ€.

Written by Besttechie and may not be reproduced without the authors permission.

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