Some Notable Irc Programs

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ok now,

some people here may be thinking how do I get to the chat room, well obviously we have the chat applet and then there are stand alone clients too.

chat applet, not a stand alone program you can access it here chat applet

then for those of you who don't have one or would like your own stand alone chat program you can always download these.

mIRC this is a shareware program thought usually you can use it for more then the 30 days they say you can. this is the most popular client out

IceChat Totally free stand alone program. not as many scripts availble for it however they have a nice forum and scripts available.

and here is a list of all of them available for windows OS. IRC clients for windows

I have also found some for those of you who prefer Mac over a PC

Mac OS clients

and for those of you out there that use off the wall systems this will help

All clients available

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