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Thanks TT, for the additional good site link.

My trick is to wait the menu out, sometimes takes a couple of rounds including a scolding for not entering right information, but often works.

But then you might get a rep who is mad at being woken up, like I did on a rebate status site yesterday. Plus he said in a heavy India Indian accent that he was in Scotsdell, AZ, not Scotsdale and insisted I give name, phone #, and zip code just to ask a question on how to deal with 2 rebates for one product that wanted the original UPC for each one and in separate envelopes. Then said he couldn't see the website I was wrongly doing it on...HA! Then said if it didn't have 2 UPC's I should take it back to retailer. HA! I asked to speak to supervisor since he didn't understand a thing I was saying, but he was mad so left me on hold so hung up, filled out the rebates, red inked that there is only one original UPC per box and that I was putting both rebates and the required items in one envelope and that I had better receive the entire $40 bucks for both rebates or would complain to parent company of product. So we'll see what happens. I have done a lot of rebates, but first I've run into that problem of wanting the original UPC for both regular and upgrade rebate submission.

I sure hope companies start to realize that true customer service, without the game playing menus, and of course without mad lying reps who don't have a clue of how to help anyone except themselves collecting a paycheck for doing nothing, are necessities of getting repeat business. Whatever happened to 'the customer is always right' mentality compared to 'we don't want anything to do with a customer except rip them off if possible' attitude prevalent today? Strange world we live in that spends so much to get your business and so little to keep it with service with a smile to get repeat business? :wacko:

Okkk...end of rant...!!! :rolleyes:


God bless everyone.

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