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I just purchased a new LCD tv. It has dvi input. I would like to run linux with xorg. If I use dvi out, instead of vga out on my video card, does my xorg need to be configed differently?

for example, if you set up a pci or agp of the same video card, you do not have to config them differntly. I was hoping a dvi video card would config the same as a vga card.

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it depends.. what is the resolution of the TV (DVI would sugest its HD, so 1900x1080 onthe high end, and 1280x720(?? if I remember correctly), then you have interlaced or non-interlaced, DLP, Plasma and lcd are non-interlaced but CRT TV's are interlaced..

here is a artical that may help..


its really not the diffrence on DVI and VGA, Its the TV and how it wants it's digital signal insted of the analog signal (vga or svideo )

for nvidia cards you just put

Option TVStandard "HD720p" in the Device configuration...

(change the 720 with 480, 1080 or 520 depecding on TV brand

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I wimped out. I spent till about three in the morning trying different xorg configs. Nothing was seeming to work. I was reading about a lot of people who got their tvs to work(with a lot of effort) but were still having overscan problems.

Windows fit everything perfectly without effort. So I think I will just use windows. I still love linux, and will use it everyday but will run windows with this tv. I am going to use this software.

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I decided to take another crack at getting X to dislplay on my wide screen tv, model ltv-32w1 (for the google bots). The problem was not haveing the correct modeline. I used the windows program Powerstrip(I am dual booting) to generate the modeline. It gives lots of useful info, including an xorg.conf style modeline. To get this output, you need to navigate to the "advanced timings" page. Then in the bottom right corner is a small icon that allows you to cut the info and paste it into a file. Below is the output from the program:

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 1360x768:
HFP=88 HSW=136 HBP=192 kHz=48 VFP=3 VSW=5 VBP=22 Hz=60

VESA detailed timing details:
PClk=84.75 H.Active=1360 H.Blank=416 H.Offset=72 HSW=136 V.Active=768
V.Blank=30 V.Offset=3 VSW=5

Linux modeline parameters:
"1360x768" 84.750 1360 1448 1584 1776 768 771 776 798 -hsync +vsync

Useing the info I obtained from powerstrip(above), I then added this line to my "Moniter" section of my xorg.conf

Modeline  "1360x768" 84.750 1360 1448 1584 1776 768 771 776 798 -hsync +vsync

then in the "Screen" section, subsection "Display", I added my new resolution to the modes line, so it looked like this

Modes	   "1360x768" "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

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thanks for following up, so others may find the answer..

note to all others ... this is a great example of what to do...

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