Japan To Ban Resale Of Used Electronics

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Japan to ban resale of used electronics - (Scroll half way down) = "As of April 2006, it will be illegal to sell used electronics that are 5 years old or older in Japan. Akihabara News says that this is part of a pattern of restriction of the sale of used goods that prevails in Japan, where manufacturers have been able to convince the government to sweeten their profit-lines by banning re-sale of goods:"
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Oooh, it's the Schizophrenic Cat artist!! Old info, but I know this! (I was SUPPOSED to be an Art Therapist after college) OK, keep scrolling , folks, I'm just running amuck and off tangent again....

Wow, glad my Dad doesn't live in Japan. He's gotten more old gadgets from yard sales. Only person I know who has 7 televisions and only one was bought brand new....not to mention the VCRs he uses to hook the "non cable ready TVs" up to his Cable! Wondering if Japan has yard sales....


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And the plot thickens:

Japan NOT Banning Resale of Used Electronics

Guess it's a bit complicated (haven't yet read the "not" article nor compared it to what the original link states).


Seems used equipment must be checked before it's sold. Skip the poorly translated first paragraph and check out the table of items that must be certified before they can be resold: Table of items.

That list sure makes some cultural differences apparent. Rice cleaners? Automatic toilet seats? Sounds like a horrendous bureaucracy-in-the-making.

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