Serenity Over 2million Dvds Sold

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Sci-Fi may be a hard sell in the theaters, but for home DVD sales it seems to be doing fine. I don't know about you guys, but I skipped the theater and just picked it up on DVD. That way I have a copy and I can play it on my 55 and not have to worry about some a-hole talking on a cell phone while their kid kicks the back of the seat.

I really liked the movie, but I still wonder. What the hell cost 39 million? I didn't see anything particularly ground breaking in the special effects.


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What cost 39 million? For starters, watch the opening credits (of ANY movie); A so-and-so production in association with such-and-such, produced by this-and-that production company and me-too productions presenting a this-is-really-my-film film. All of them expect to get paid handsomely. Then watch the closing credits; count the number of people and companies involved (well, no one could possiby be expected to actually count them all, what with boredom setting in after the first two hundred or so). All of them get paid.

Do you really NEED an assistant (and sub-assistant) to fetch Perrier for the star? Someone to buy a ladder for the set, someone to transport the ladder to the set, someone to set up the ladder, someone to hold the ladder, and finally the person climbing the ladder, to change a light bulb?

But that's the way movies get made nowadays and if you want to get into wide distribution you'll play by those rules.

That's why independent movies cost so little in comparison. They can be just as entertaining, educational, and meaningful, they just cut out all the Hollywood money grubbers.

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