1999 "vintage" Memory For Gateway G6 350

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Yea! I'm glad the Garage Sale is up and running and itching to give away (free) an old 64 gigawatt memory stickthing for a Gateway Computer--HOPEFULLY I have the info right, it is off Gateway's Site.

64-MB 100Mhz 64 Bit 4-Clock CL=2 SDRAM UNBUFFERED DIMM (PART # 5000238)

If I don't have the info right, let me know, I used Gateway's site to get this information, right here!

Kept in a plastic "case" and in a padded envelope ever since we replaced it with a bigger chunk of memory, should be dust free.

PM me your address and I'm happy to send it to you (do I have to package it any particular way? Gateway shipped the new memory stick things in the same plastic case that the old memory is living in now and I'll use a padded envelope...)


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