Two Steps To Open All Daily Visit Sites In Firefox

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Disclaimer: I do not use either Mozilla or Firefox.

But I found this tip from a site that "handplane" linked to in the thread about the "Windows key shortcuts". As I was exploring the rest of that site, I saw this Firefox Tip, and thought others might like it. I had not seen it mentioned on Firefox threads before so thought you all might like to see it. I hope it helps you.

I sure never expected to be giving a Firefox tip. :rolleyes:

Computer Hope

This tip is down the page on the lower right currently.

"Tip of the Month

Mozilla Firefox

Open all your daily visited web pages in two clicks. First, create a folder in your bookmarks that contains the web pages you visit daily. Once created you can right click that folder and click "Open in Tabs" to get all your favorites in the folder opened in a new tab in the current window."

God bless everyone.

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