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hi team some thing happened that puzzled me i posted a hacker alert from trend micro on the appropriate board .

and within seconds B Had a thanks posted on the thread.

to me this is amazing .tho the main reason i started this thread

i dont want to inundate the board with all these trend micro i try to post the ones that havent been aired before.

so if you think im over doing it please post and say so .

.ive just looked at the forum and i have about 5-6 post alerts

id like B to tell me how he got that reply back so quick .can you monitor

key typing .damned the advance of technoloy

sorry the heading should be QUICK REPLY



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Hi Marty,

No, that's the whole point of that forum is to post alerts. If you think it is of a high alert then post it. Also, no I can't monitor what people are typing. The reason I replied so fast was because I replied saying thanks and then I read it. I did it in reverse order that time.

I appreciate the concern though but no need to worry about it.

Keep up the good work.


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Personally, I appreciate the updates, marty.

You can't ever have to much information about what's out there trying to get you, when your not paying attention.

Keep posting the updates.

Ditto for me. Couldn't have stated it any better.

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