Cause and Effect Essay on the American Civil War

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Civil War lasted four years from 1961 to 1965 and is one of the costliest wars in terms of lives and expenditure. You will come across it as a topic for your essay throughout your academic years, from as early as Middle School to later in College.


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Compare and Contrast Essay


A compare and contrast essay delves into the causes and effects of a subject or an event. It comes in either a single cause-many effects format or the many causes-single effect format.


Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay


Cause and Effect follows a normal structure of:


Introduction: Which includes, the hook to start the paragraph and a brief background on the topic. Lastly, it includes a thesis statement that tells the reader what the essay is going to be about, and how you will conduct it.


Body Paragraph: There will be three to four body paragraphs and each body paragraph will have a ‘topic sentence’, followed by ‘examples and evidence’.


Conclusion: The conclusion will be an overview of the main parts of the essay in light of the thesis. Most topic sentences are rephrased in the form of a conclusion. Lastly, you are allowed to leave the reader with a final word, to sum up, your essay.


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Essay on Civil War




HOOK: The Civil War which lasted from 1961 to 1965, was fought between the Union and the Confederate States of America, claiming between 600 thousand to one million lives.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Confederates comprised 11 Southern States that exited the Union; they wanted to not only uphold the institution of slavery but to expand it further in other states and territories. The Union led by Abraham Lincoln comprised the Northern States that wanted to hold on to the Union of free states and opposed the unlawful expansion of slavery to the Northern slave-free states and territories. The war ended with the North’s victory as they held the Union and abolished the institution of slavery altogether.


Body Paragraph


MAIN CAUSE: The Northern States and Territories differed from the Sothern ones in their attitude towards slavery: the former saw it as a national sin while the latter took it as a fundamental right, akin to that of property.


  • SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: The Northern states succeeded in making their states slave-free through several slave trade bans and the two Slave Trade Acts of 1794 & 1800.
  • This divide accelerated following the Compromise of 1820 that banned slavery in the states north of the 36º 30 Missouri’s southern borderline, excluding Missouri.
  • With the tension between the North and the south, between the Republicans and the Democrats reaching a crescendo, the election of Abraham Lincoln as the President set the war wheels rolling. 




  • The people of the States saw the Haitian Revolution from 1791- 1803 in their light. The abolitionists saw in the Haitian Revolution an impetus and a new hope for the freedom of slaves.
  • The friction between the North and the South can also be attributed to the growing sectional identities.
  • In their opposition to slavery, the Northerners developed a sense of moral and economic superiority compared to their Southern counterparts, who they thought of to be over-reliant on slavery and against progress. offers students from the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Australia (AU), Canada (CA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE) reliable essay writing services from professional essay writers.




START OF THE CONCLUSION: The Civil War saved the Union and abolished slavery from all states. At what cost? Death of nearly a million people and over $10 billion spent in war. 


OVERVIEW: Here you will insert an overview of the causes. 


FINAL WORD: The United States of America stands powerful only upon the graves of the thousands who sacrificed their lives for their ideology of a democratic state to prosper. 


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