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The price was not awful, but the agency could definitely use a pricing matrix comprised on the site.

Since the Nerds can do such a wide variety of tasks, there's absolutely no one-size-fits-all pricing.

If the aid you require is more complicated, and can not be quantified by words/pages at a fair-minded way then you will likely cover your Nerd a hourly fee. Another factor worth noting is that the timeframe given for conclusion because urgency has its own effects on the quote.

1 thing we could say with no doubt is that we felt as though we obtained high quality work for our cash. We paid $40 dollars to have a lot of pages of our site edited and yet another $10 to get a booking in a crowded restaurant (although we had been advised the Nerds more often book coaches and study hall slots).

It is in fact.

At each point, the Nerdify group was really considerate. I guess that they get odd requests all of the time, but made us feel completely comfortable requesting their aid.

We did not have any real troubles, but reunite to inquire about a refund anyway, simply to see how it functioned. The Nerd who reacted seemed very calm about the entire thing and told me that a brief review period would be essential to confirm our petition and talk with the Bible Nerd who initially edited our webpages. Our dialog produced a sense like refund requests were a rarely practice for our merchandise experience really mattered to them.

Ultimately, we did not officially request a refund (after all, the job was ideal ), but do not believe we'd have some difficulty doing this if we had been dissatisfied later on.

Is Nerdify legit? It’s a cool service that may definitely help you out if you are stuck in a jam and also do not have enough opportunity to work it out all on your own. We urge it.

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