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Application of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification work that has forever been welcome with the smile on the face has in sure cases well-tried to be off. with none doubt, these strategies have benefitted the organizations in many ways in which but the downsides can not be ignored totally different. where on one hand you'll see all the benefits in practice these methodologies, at constant places there square measure sure limitations simply} just my face. It can, thus with reason be termed as a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it is a revolutionary strategy that has the tremendous potential of significantly rising the efficiency but on the alternative hand to some, it is a swish methodology that appears to reap no actual blessings. when you compare the strategies of the programme with the initial years on its beginning.

Prerequisite: - There is no specific prerequisite for yellow belt certification.

Cost of the examination: - The six sigma yellow belt certification examination costs about INR 15, 000 per applicant.

The certification caters to candidates aiming to become project heads, team leads, supervisors, project managers, etc.

Syllabus for lean six sigma yellow belt training:- The course to be studied for passing the certification examination of six sigma yellow belt focuses on the following concepts:-

-          General lean six sigma principles and methodologies.

-          DMAIC

-          Project selection criteria

-          Root cause analysis

-          Value stream mapping

-          5S

-          Visual tools

-          Fishbone diagrams, etc.

The six sigma yellow belt training and preparation is based on self study and aided by several training sites available on online mode as well at face – to – face training centres. One of the outstanding online training sources is EduInPro. The training module is broken down into the processes included under the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control). With easy registration and contact support available 24x7, the site also has easy navigation.

Duration of the training period: - The training period extends a span of 45 hours which is equipped with exceptional lecture classes from outstanding trainers that make the candidates understand at one go and cater to every doubt raised by the six sigma yellow belt aspirants.

Cost: - The training is very cost effective owing to the quality of the training course rendered within the stipulated time in a detailed yet compact manner. The training course costs only INR 2000 per person.

The training course is equipped with in – depth knowledge on the various concepts of lean six sigma required for the yellow belt certification and also includes detailed review and case study of several real life cases of organisations. This enriches the candidate with demerits and merits of lean six sigma while familiarizes the candidate with the correct as well as faulty application of the six sigma techniques. With a fabulous introductory course and well balanced conclusion class (s), the courses completed within the stipulated timeframe.

Six sigma is an approach to handling products and production while decreasing the waste production and faulty processes. This approach was first formulated by Bill Smith who was then an employee of the renowned organisation of Motorola. The concepts of six sigma have been well influenced by Japanese ideologies and have actually improved a lot over the time. The methodologies of six sigma and lean six sigma can be applied to any type of project and product as well as by any type of organisation irrespective of the specifications.

Advantages of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification Strategy

·         It is a progressive methodology

There is a very little question relating to the actual fact that implementing Six Sigma tends to unfold a ray of progressive methodology improvement methodologies to any or all the organizations at varying levels of the assembly equally as a result of the manufacturing method. Once you produce its vicinity of the culture of your business, the individual operations of your firm still improve over Associate in the Nursing quantity of your time.

·         Easy to use

Six Sigma is known to swear totally on the data, this suggests simply} simply can really handily and we’ll have a look into the actual processes that you simply just follow at intervals the important time. With the progression at intervals the activity trend, you begin to possess much better management over the processes simply} just follow.

·         You find a part a step ahead

If you're a team composed of the dedicated quality consultants then they assist you to position your company one step prior to others at intervals the market. All the credit goes to the multi-tasking abilities that this course work facilitates you with.

At last, by documenting the processes equally as a result of the defects, you get an opportunity to line up a learning platform not only for yourself but together for the alternative workers. you will be able to merely share the teachings given by the consultants equally as a result of the various worker's degree passing bid to create Associate in Nursing improvement in their individual lines of assembly.

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