Trouble accessing AD remotely after changing ISP

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So I've been working from home since March and have had no issues accessing Active Directory for work through the work VPN. I was on DSL and recently was able to have another option (Xfinity Prepaid). Now since switching over, I am no longer able to access AD. When attempting to access, it just hangs there and/or stops responding. Even after switching, I kept DSL for a short time to make sure that the connection was indeed better and more stable overall. So when I noticed the issue, I immediately switched back to the DSL wifi and had no issues connecting. I have tried via wifi connection, as well as ethernet. We have also tried updating the network drivers on the work laptop, as well as updating Windows. Nothing has worked thus far.

Any thoughts on what it could be and how we can get this fixed? Our network person is supposed to remote into me later to try and look into it some more, but we are a very small team and it's starting to affect my work more and more.

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Long time no hear from you nerelda, i wish i had an answer for you or a hint but i don't have anything that would help ! If you figure it out please let us know we might use it to help someone else !

Thanks & Be Safe !!


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Haha! I was wondering if I would be recognized! :)

We don't quite yet have it figured out, but after all attempts, the only thing we can think of at this point is that there might be an issue through my ISP via the VPN that we have to use for work (Global Protect). Apparently several versions ago, this was a rare issue, but was fixed in a newer version of Global protect than we currently have. Unfortunately we can't test this theory yet as the firewall first needs to have some major upgrades to allow us to implement using the newer version. We are in discussion now to see when this might be able to happen, or to see if another team member has a different suggestion. If we do get this resolved, I will certainly let you know.


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