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A Really Stupid Question About Lightning

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Out in the sticks, where I live, we're highly susceptible to brown-outs, surges, and power failures.

My UPS has saved my computer several times.

What I like best is the software it uses, in case of power failure, to Save your work, close all programs, and then power down the computer.

I have it set to a 5min. delay, which if I'm at the computer, is plenty of time for me to close everything and power down.

Otherwise, it takes care of everything.

If I abort shutdown I've got 25-35 min. of battery power.

Definitely worth every bit, of the $80 I spent for it.


What UPS did you buy?

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My 2cents heck i say up to a nickels worth :D

I live in the country in the middle of a field pretty much, only house on this road and no others for about 3/4 miles away. the only trees around are at my house and the house that is 3/4 miles away. my point is when a storm passes buy it is pretty much a sure thing that lightning is going to strike my property somewhere. close to my house if not my house itself.. lived in this house for over 25 years and only once has any of my computers been affected. the damage? lost a few dial up modems..

I buy the surge protectors from Radio Shack that guarantee replacement of electronics up to $50,000.. the cost of one is around $45 i think..

As far as unplugging everything ext..? nope no need if you ask me as long as you have your house set up for such an occurrence.

Back to Chappy comment "mythbusters" yup i know the show luv it. great show

I have a degree in Electronic Engineering and i can tell you electricity is a strange thing. noway to really predict what it is going to do. during school we spoke about lightning several times. electronic hardware can be harmed even if it is not plugged in. sounds funny but it is true.

So, should you go as far as unplugging it? i say turning it off is sufficient as long as you have a good surge protector

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Yeah, 4th of July 2004 fireworks didn't only take place outside. Lightning hit a tree behind my house and fryed everything on that side - PS2, Direct TV boxes, AC Unit, DVD Player, Phones, PHONE LINE!!!, but thankfully not the computer. It was a lonely week without the PS2, TV, DVD Player, and Internet, the phone line was burned up so I could only play some hardcore solitare on the computer! Put everything on a surge protector, the computer was turned off and in a surge protector and it was fine.

Thankfully insurance covered everything past the first $500 in damages, including the printer that "broke because of lightning" wink wink

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