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  1. Session Saver can do that too (kinda).
  2. If you're not overclocking, you shouldn't need heat spreaders. You can always add them for like 10 bucks later anyways.
  3. What happens when you run chkdsk? Or any manufacturer supplied HDD integrity diagnostics?
  4. Can you find any serial/manufacture numbers on it? If so hit up google, shuold give soem good answers.
  5. The first linux distro I installed and actually got networked (aka the automatic way worked) was Ubuntu, for what it's worth. I also messed around a little with Mandrake (that was my first time), DSL, and gentoo (didn't get around to fiddling with the network so i never got an graphic interface on it, and thus really didn't do anything with it..
  6. Most ppl aren't really too comfortable unlocking pipes on their video card. And it would run pretty warm if you left the stock cooler on it, so if it were to burn out you'd be SOL if whoever you bought it from looked close enough to see what you did.
  7. That might help. As for your fan configuration, I would play around with that; as there are no 100% positive rules for what will work on each system. Try have both intake, or exhaust, etc. until you find what is the coolest. Also, I don't think this has been posted but what are your ambient (room) temps?
  8. If you really wanna take the time, effort, and risk into OCing, read up on it ( and their forums are great resourceses). But as for OCing his comp, your last question alone lets us know you are too inexperienced to just jump in.
  9. Before you do that though, I'll ask again: is the computer clean? If I were you I would take the HSF off, clean the AS5 of the CPU and HSF, dust it thoroughly, and reapply the AS5 (make sure you follow the instructions or it won't be as effective).
  10. That's not really that many fans. How are the fans positioned? If it is in the back/on top it should be exhaust, in the front intake. Is everything dust free? As for the HSF, at the low setting that is pretty weak, and the highest it should be plenty strong enough. Is everything clean? What are your other temps?
  11.,Case=obj(4271) It looks like for all version of the 3400 the max is 70C, so he has about 5C more to spare, but frankly I wouldn't be happy with temps like those when he should easily be getting ones 10-20C cooler.
  12. That still is too high. You really need lower temps, pref 55C load max. Did you clean out anything? How old is the AS5?
  13. That is dangerously hot. 5C more or so and you could permantely damage/destroy your CPU. You should dust out your computer (especially the HSF), and get some thermal paste if you don't have any.
  14. Considering everything read from the memory goes in and out of it; I'd say yes. Along with the PSU it's one of the most overlooked/unappreciated parts for a gaming computer. Get the XMS.
  15. The RAM's pretty cheap, but ohterwise not bad. And it won't matter that the mobo chipset is nVidia but the VC is ATI..