First impressions of the Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless headphones

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We just got in Master & Dynamic’s MW60 headphones and decided to do a little unboxing video. In addition to our recent article on the best wired headphones for audiophiles, we’ll also be putting together a list of the best wireless headphones for audiophiles so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Initial Impressions of Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones

Comfort–The MW60 headphones are incredibly comfortable in my short time with them so far. One interesting thing about Master & Dynamic headphones that I’ve noticed is they don’t adjust that much–which caused some issues for me when I reviewed the MH30’s. That being said, the MW60’s seem to fit my head and ears nicely. It is really hard to find reliable gaming headphones without wires as most wired headsets are annoying to game with due to long and stiff cables. There are many cheaper options available, but the quality drops significantly than this one. You can even find more expensive ones that are of the same specifications as the MW60. It sounds rich and clear.The build quality is also good, they’re solidly made though for $550 headphones they do feel a little plasticky in some areas such as around the ear pads.

Sound–The sound on the MW60’s is very good, definitely what you would expect from a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones–warm and rich. I have had some issues with the sound cutting out when they are paired with my computer (MacBook Pro) though. This hasn’t happened on any other devices, including my iPhone X and iPad Pro. I’m still unsure why this is happening.

Battery life–Master & Dynamic claims the MW60’s sport 16 hours of battery life. I haven’t had a enough time to fully test the battery life but so far, so good. I’ve listened to some music and watched a complete movie with them and they’re still chugging along.

Have any questions, comments, thoughts about the Master & Dynamic MW60 headphones? Let us know in the comments!

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