4 effective offline marketing ideas worth considering

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When it comes to marketing your business, you probably think of digital marketing methods, such as setting up a user-friendly, responsive website, partnering up with bloggers and other online influencers, and using social media to engage with customers, to name a few. However, while digital marketing methods are certainly the main factor to consider today when it comes to advertising and gaining more exposure for your brand, there are many tried and tested offline methods of marketing that have yielded great results for businesses in all industries over the centuries. Here are some offline business marketing tips that are worth considering.

Tip #1: Pamphlets

Although you can easily reach out to millions of potential customers using social media, many customers still like to interact with a human face. Having people handing out leaflets and pamphlets on the high street, for example in shopping centers, can still work very well today as a method of exposing your brand to a wider target audience. A well-designed, informative pamphlet handed out by an employee with a friendly smile and demeanor can go a long way when it comes to winning people over. Follow the link for more information on how to make a pamphlet.

Tip #2: Business Cards

offline-marketing-biz-card-300x212.jpgBusiness cards have been around for almost as long as modern businesses. Before it was the norm to share business details electronically, business cards were the go-to method of distributing company information, such as contact details. Innovative, well-designed business cards can be difficult to forget, in comparison to an email or shared contact details, which can easily be forgotten about today. If your business operates offline, then business cards can be displayed on your shop counter, or another area where customers can easily see and take them to pass on to their friends.

Tip #3: Posters and Banners

When you’re driving along the road or sitting in a food court, one of the main things that you might notice are the various advertising posters and banners displayed. Strategically placing well-designed, appealing posters to advertise your brand, products and services can be a great way to gain more exposure and get the word out to your potential customers. When it comes to creating an effective poster, the best strategy is ‘less is more’ – keep it short, sweet and to the point as an overload of information could be too much for a passer-by to take in.

Tip #4: Canvassing

Whilst stopping people on the street or knocking on their doors can sometimes be seen as annoying by the general public, many people are not adverse to being approached by a brand as long as it is done in a respectful and polite manner. Many people may be looking for a product or service just like the one that you offer, and will welcome the news. However, bear in mind that if you are going to be approaching the public, you will likely need to get permission from the relevant governing body before you can begin.

Do you use any of these offline marketing materials? Let us know in the comments.

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