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If you and your family members are using different iTunes accounts for purchasing digital content from iTunes store, you may meet the problem that you can't share your purchases without family sharing. But the downside of the family sharing is that it only supports 6 persons in total to share the iTunes purchases. What's worse, it's also known that one single iTunes account (or Apple ID) can only authorize up to 5 computers. What if you want to share the iTunes purchases on the sixth machine or more?

Don't worry. If you are just facing such problem, simply read on the following guide, from which you'll find the two best ways to share your iTunes purchased content, including movies, TV shows, audiobooks, iBooks, Apple Music to others with a few steps only.

Method 1. Share Purchased iTunes Media with Others via Family Sharing

If you have less than 6 people to share the iTunes purchases with, then you are recommended to use iTunes Family Sharing to share the iTunes content. It lets you add up to six family members. Once added, all members will get instant access to each other's purchase and can view and download them on demand just as you already can from your own account. Family Sharing works in the iTunes store, iOS App Store, and the Mac App Store, so you can share content across all of your devices. Besides, with Family Sharing, you don't have to share your passwords with each other, but must use one credit card for all devices.

How to Set Up Family Sharing to Share iTunes Purchases on Mac

Note: Family Sharing only works on Mac OS X Yosemite or later.

Step 1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click iCloud.

Step 2. Click Manage Family.

Step 3. Click your name and review your account information next to Family Purchases.

Step 4. Make sure that Share my purchases is selected.

After you join a family, you can see and download items from each family member's purchase history, and enjoy them on your own devices. You can download music, movies, TV shows, and books on up to 10 of your devices, five of which can be computers. You can download apps to any devices that you own or control.

Method 2. Share iTunes Purchases with Others by using iTunes DRM Removal Tools

This could be the best option if you need to share the iTunes purchased media to unlimited number of persons or computers. It helps you get rid of the DRM protection from all the protected iTunes content so that you can freely share the files to others as you like. Here we are talking about TunesKit DRM removal solutions, which will help you permanently remove DRM from all kinds of iTunes media, including iTunes movies, TV episodes, audiobooks, ebooks, songs, etc.

For more details, you can visit this source page:

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I also prefer to the second method by using third-party iTunes tools as my purpose is to share the iTunes movie purchases onto my Plex server. For me, I'm using DRmare M4V Converter from DRmare software. It's also a lossless iTunes DRM removal tool similar with TunesKit. But I like its interface that makes the process much easier. You can find more details from its official page.

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I have been using Ondesoft products for a long time. iTunes Converter allows me to convert Apple Musics, Audiobooks and Audible audiobooks. DRM Media Converter helps to remove DRM from iTunes movies, TV shows and Music videos. To break the DRM limitation and share iTunes purchases to others, you can try Ondesoft DRM removal programs


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To share iTunes purchase audiobooks to others, you need to convert audiobook to mp3. M4B is a file extension for audiobooks based on the MPEG-4 Part 14 standard. Unlike M4A, another common audiobook format, the M4B audiobooks support chapter markers which make it easy for listeners to jump to the beginning of any chapter while playing. Currently, most M4B audiobooks are sold from the online digital content stores, such as iTunes.

However, since iTunes audiobooks are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM, you can only play those M4B files on authorized computers and Apple devices. In order to play iTunes M4B on common MP3 players or other devices, you'll have to remove DRM from the M4B books and convert the protected M4B to MP3 format with some dedicated iTunes M4B audiobook converters.

To convert iTunes audiobooks from M4B to MP3, a third-party DRM removal tool such as TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is highly recommended. As an one-stop iTunes DRM audio converter, it's able to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks by converting the M4B files to DRM-free MP3 format with ID3 tags and chapter info preserved. It can also be used to convert Apple Music and Audible AAX to MP3, WAV, M4A losslessly. Best of all, you can convert hundreds of iTunes M4B audiobooks once as this app supports batch conversion.

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We should one iTunes DRM Removal if we want to share iTunes purchase to others, without DRM, we can play iTunes music and iTunes videos as we like. No worry about the quality after that we convert iTunes music to MP3, or after that we convert iTunes videos, with original quality, we can enjoy high quality of iTunes music and videos.

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My friend shared TunesBank Apple Music Converter to me, you can have a try. It is able to strip DRM from iTunes purchased music, music video and audiobooks for freely using. Besides removing DRM, it also can help you convert iTunes purchased music, music video and audiobooks, Apple Music songs to MP3, M4A, FLAC format without lsoing any quality. With it, you can easily convert iTunes video to MP3, M4A format and make them playable on any MP3 player, iPod Nano, and share with your friends and family via email. By the way, you can also rely on UkeySoft iTunes M4V Converter, it supports to convert iTunes videos, movies and TV shows to popular format losslessly. 

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