New Build Powers for a Few Seconds, Then Nuttin' Honey

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Howdy .... I'm upgrading a computer and after putting it all together I can't get the power to stay on.  I hit the power button and the fans spin for a few seconds and that's it.  I checked all my connections and they seem ok ... I have a cooler master 500w P/S I know works because I just pulled it from the machine I'm upgrading from.

This is the mobo.

This is the CPU.  I checked my hookup to the case and it looks ok.

The cpu is plug into the mobo.  An in goes into the LGA socket only fits one way you can't put it in wrong.  I installed the memory 2 2GB DDR 3 memory sticks.  A PCI sound blaster card, and a pci-e IDE adapter.  I have a PNY GForce 210 in the pci-e video slot.  Not sure what is going on:( .... ah .... HELP!

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Well sir ... I took every thing apart including removing the mobo from the case.  I removed all the drives and what not.  Then I checked the cpu had a little too much grease so I clean it off.  The pins are flat on the cpu so nothing was bent.  I started it with just the cpu hooked up and it worked longer than before, then turned off.  I put in a memory stick in the first slot and it worked.  I added each part and checked to see if it worked each time and it did.  I don't know exactly what was wrong but it works now.   Thanks for reading my post.

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Glad to hear that things worked out. You tackled the problem correctly: start with the bare minimum and add components individually to see what was the problem-component.


Some side notes...

  1. Always remember to discharge yourself when handling computer parts.
  2. Too much thermal compound is not a good thing. A thin even coat is best. Stock Intel HSFs tend to be packaged with thermal compound that is already applied, so that saves the work of putting it on yourself.
  3. When mounting the motherboard to the case, ensure that the number of risers you use corresponds to the number of screws you place. Also, only use the motherboard screw mounts that are insulated.
  4. If you're upgrading an existing system, take the time to fully gut the old case, clean it out and tidy up the wiring.

I'm working on an upgrade myself. Did the preliminary work yesterday and will do the rest in my free time. Moving from the old AMD socket 939 to Intel socket LGA1155 (Ivy Bridge) should yield a noticeable speed increase.

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