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In my opinion i would stay with Vista ! ........... Windows XP will be without support Feb. 18 or there about, so that means no updates which can be critical !

Now Windows 7 is a pretty good system. But before you do anything you need to find if your computer is capable of running those systems &  have plenty of resorces to run it ! Hope that helps !

Read this about switching !



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My laptop came with Windows Vista as well. Hated it from day 1. Switched over to Windows 7 and I haven't looked back since.


In addition to what 'flashh4' recommended, ensure that your programs will run on Windows 7. Most likely they will or you can get upgraded versions that will be compatible. Also check to see if compatible drivers for the new OS are available at your laptop manufacturer's website.


When choosing a path of installation, I would recommend you go with the fresh installation over the upgrade. It's definitely a longer process, but you'll end up with less issues later on.

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