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Compac CQ60.

Screen has a "shadow", or darker spot on the bottom, center. My research says it could be the inverter, or (gasp!) the $150 screen.

Is there anyway to check before throwing parts at it? Is it worth fixing? We would sell it to a senior at our local Community Center for parts costs, and have already bought a A/C power pack, batteries, DVR, and keyboard. Total costs so far $75.

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Has it always had this? If so it could be that the reflector behind the screen which spreads the light is "imperfect" got a bit warped...

If this is the case, not much you can do but live with it.

Besides that it depends on what type of backlight (Fluorescent or LED)you have. Fluorescent the bulb could be goign out. LED it could be a bad emitter.

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Thanks for the reply, Pete.

We don't know if it has always been there. It was donated in pretty rough condition. (keyboard really banged up) I suspect it has been dropped.

The shadow is kinda a mountain growing from the bottom of the screen, about 1/3 of the way up, and about 4 inches wide at the bottom.

Inverter? Emitter? Same thing? If so, a cheap enough fix at $8.00.

Any way to check the lighting? Re: led or florescent?

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