What do I need between the bi-quad antenna and my laptop (Mac) to get a wifi signal into it?

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A caveman level laptop user with a need to pick up a weak wi-fi signal.. I have found instructions and built a satellite dish bi-quad antenna, but have found no article that states what sort of hardware is specifically needed to get the signals in to the computer and out of the dish. A friend who knows barely more than I do gave me a Linksys box with two little antennas on it which he used to use for wifi in his house. It looks as though I could buy a cable with the appropriate ends to connect one of those to the antenna, but the unit looks too small to have any sort of broadcast power. It does have a receptacle that would allow me to connect my computer to it by cable.

Would that device work? Or should I be looking for something else? I have also heard that having the box mounted on the dish (or its supporting frame) and using an Ethernet cable will preserve the signal strength.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks much!

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