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I purchased a used Business grade Notebook very cheap from a company in Georgia. Original price of this puppy was $3300 MSRP so $185 was not to bad to pay. It came in a timely many (2 days Wow!) it came with a authentic Windows 7 MAR disk. Well this was a gift to my Sister for school since it had bioscan and such I felt it would serve well and it did until it got stolen. I built her another one and now I have a integity issue going on. Should I take the Win 7 MAR and install it on the new one and will it work can I update. I would prefer it make the other one invalid. what happens if we recover the stolen one? I don't want to be considered a pirate and Mirosoft isno help.

Chime in your comments.


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I am sure Microsoft would consider it violation of licensing. On a technical not, it may prompt you to install using the key on the windows "mars" coa. Does the new laptop haves it own coa?

The COA is attached to the stolen Laptop but I always keep files on such so I have the Key. I should just purchase an OEM that will solve the issue.



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