New Firefox Extension Keeps Users Away from Fake Online Stores

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New Firefox Extension Keeps Users Away from Fake Online Stores

Zscaler, a provider of cloud security services, has released a free Firefox extension that aims to protect users from fake online stores, a category of malicious websites that isn't covered by most blacklists.

Called Zscaler Safe Shopping, the extension is still going through the approval process on the official Mozilla Add-ons Repository, but it can also be installed directly from Zscaler's website. Most Web attacks are launched from compromised legit websites which are injected with unauthorized code that loads malicious content from third party servers.

Zscaler's researchers explain that most blacklists currently used by browsers, such as Google Safe Browsing or Phishtank, block these third party sites from where malicious content is served. However, they often miss cases where the rogue content is hosted on the compromised website itself. For example, attackers can compromise an e-commerce site and add additional form fields to gather sensitive data from shoppers.

In other cases attackers can create fake stores on compromised servers and host them under the corresponding domain names.<br style="">

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