Bank of America online banking down across U.S.

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<h3>Bank of America online banking down across U.S.

by Don Reisinger

Bank of America's online-banking service is down for U.S. customers.

When users across the U.S. try to access their online banking, the Bank of America home page displays a message saying "online banking is temporarily unavailable." It provides no indication of when the service should be back up and running.

Bank of America has stopped short of calling the issue an outright "outage." Company spokeswoman Tara Burke told CNET in a phone conversation today that an update to BofA's Web site over the weekend is causing the "intermittent service disruptions." She also noted that the issue "is not impacting customer information or compromising customer security."

More detail plus screenshot -

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I haven't possessed the capacity to sign in throughout the previous 2 weeks. To make matter second rate, the plan dept continues sticking my charge card after I make online buys from amzone yet I'm not advised about the piece until the point that I'm line at the market endeavoring to pay for my basic supplies and my card gets declined constraining my to need to advance out of line and call the misrepresentation dept to get the square expelled, at that point need to get back in line to complete the process of paying for my perishables.I am working at best essay writing service and  the first occasion when they did it 2 weeks prior they didn't simply obstruct my card, yet they additionally wiped out it and sent me another one and nobody at the branch area could reveal to me why they did it. Not certain what's new with BOA but rather not having the capacity to utilize the portable application or sign in to my record on the web and having my platinum card constantly hindered subsequent to making authentic buys is truly beginning to bother me.


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