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Hello, everyone. Didnt know where else to post. This is a simple registry change that allows you to open Ad-aware with Firefox. Normally it would open with IE, even though Firefox is my default browser.

Reposted from Lavasoft:

For those users who have Mozilla or Firefox as their default browser, a small registry change is needed in order to open links from Ad-Aware SE with these browsers instead of IE. This is because neither Mozilla nor Firefox make this registry change themself.

Note: It is always recommended that you back up your registry before making any registry edit.

Please see . Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 322756 for information on backing up your registry

Important Notes:

  • The location used in the reg-files below is the DEFAULT installation location for both Mozilla and Firefox.

  • Make sure both IE and Firefox/Mozilla are closed.

Launch Notepad and copy/paste the purple bold text below for your default browser in a new text file.

Save it as: html.reg (Change the 'Save As Type' to 'All Files').

Save the file in C:\.




@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe\" "




@="\"C:\\Program Files\\\\Mozilla\\Mozilla.exe\" "

Now, locate the html.reg file (in C:\) that you just created and launch it (double-click on it).

You'll recieve a message similiar to: "Do you wish to merge the information into the registry?"

Answer yes and another message will appear saying that is was successful.

To test, launch Ad-Aware SE and select Add-ons. Right-click on any installed add-on and click on the link for "Check for new Ad-Aware Add-ons". The Lavasoft Plugins link will open in Mozilla or Firefox, depending on which browser is set to open up HTML documents. In the Ad-Aware SE Help File, there is no way of changing that from opening links in IE as this is hard-coded into Windows.

(Regedit Instructions provided by SpyDie.)

Hope this helps out any Fire fox or Mozilla users. :)

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