Devices on steeringf wheels that guide drivers

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Researchers at the University of Utah have been studying devices on steering wheels that guide drivers by pulling skin on index fingers to the left or the right, and are giving the technology two thumbs up.

Nate_Medeiros-Ward_270x245.jpg The driver's index fingertips rest on two IBM ThinkPad TrackPoint buttons that move left or right by a millimeter to indicate which way to turn.

(Credit: Nate Medeiros-Ward/University of Utah)

"It has the potential of being a safer way of doing what's already being done--delivering information that people are already getting with in-car GPS navigation systems," says lead author William Provancher, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Utah.

He adds that the study was based on a "multiple resource model" of how people process information, where our senses are considered resources that relay information to our brains

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