Aggressive Spam Campaign with HTML Attachments Leads to Scareware

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Aggressive Spam Campaign with HTML Attachments Leads to Scareware

A new wave of spam emails carrying HTML attachments that redirect to fake AV sites has been hitting mailboxes hard during the past two days.

The subjects of the rogue emails, as well as the names of the attached HTML documents are changing rapidly.

"Credit card", "Randolph Plans", "Apartment for rent", "Cops kill active shooter at John Hopkins Hospital" or "Church of Body Modification" are just some of them.

These names suggest the spammers might be using a crawler to grab titles from news websites (including advertisements).

Here are some other subjects, which enforce this idea: "NFL Picks Week 2", "Hospital violence on the rise, agency warns" and "'America's Got Talent' Judges Were They Shocked By."

According to Email security provider AppRiver, these emails first appeared last month, but during the past several days the campaign has grown increasingly aggressive.

More details here:

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