Linux Is Back(bsd Is On The Backburner)

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I am happy to have reinstalled linux. I started installing gentoo yesterday, and have a working system, with gnome, this morning. I guess I feel more at home with linux.

I enjoyed my BSD experience, but really missed linux(on my main workstation). BSD is a great system, but it seems to be just a little less polished(for the desktop) then linux. In all honesty if I took the time, I could probably have worked all of the kinks out of my bsd system. Somethings were surprisingly easy on BSD: If I remember correctly installing the nvidia 3d drivers were just one simple command. Sound was also as easy as loading one module, I had a common via chipset, so that helped. Ports was great, every package I wanted, installed with one simple command. The ports tree is very updated, I got the newest of everything, including gnome-2.8.

If I ever plan on building a web server, I will probably go the bsd route.

BSD is refering to FreeBSD-5.2 (I think that is the version I had)

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I have heard good stuff about ubuntu, I would say go for it.

That's what I've heard too, shanenin. It's debian based with synaptic, so great package management. Also it's really fast and will run on lower RAM boxes. It should be fun. :D

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personally i like linux as a desktop and freebsd as a server. FreeBSD is more mature and stable then linux and i like the port system. When it comes to linux i like to stick with slackware, it just works no fancy stuff that fedora suse and mandrake try to put in.

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BSD has been around longer.. if you like ports.. there is gentoo. it has a "ports" or should I say portage..

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