Facebook Still a Hotbed of Identity Theft, Study Claims

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Facebook Still a Hotbed of Identity Theft, Study Claims

Tom S. Noda, Computerworld Philippines

IT security firm Sophos has announced its latest probe into how easy it is to steal identities via Facebook and found that user negligence is worst in 2009.

Ducklin, who led the Facebook probe, said they created two fictitious users with names based on anagrams of the words "false identity" and "stolen identity." He said 21-year-old "Daisy Felettin" was represented by a picture of a toy rubber duck bought at a US $2 shop; 56-year-old "Dinette Stonily" posted a profile picture of two cats lying on a rug. Each sent out 100 friend requests to randomly-chosen Facebook users in their age group.

Within two weeks, a total of 95 strangers chose to become friends with Daisy or Dinette -- an even higher response rate then when Sophos first performed the experiment two years ago with a plastic frog. Worse still, Ducklin said, in the latest study, eight Facebookers befriended Dinette without even being asked.

MOre on this topic at PC World - http://www.pcworld.com/article/184522/facebook_still_a_hotbed_of_identity_theft_study_claims.html

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