Need Help With A Logo

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The logo can be found at the above link.

I can't gain the patience to learn enough about gimp, or photoshop with out crusing and quiting.

I am looking to have the background transparent, with blue and silver as the colors. This logo will be on a website.

Anyine willing to help can put their name or url on the bottom of the logo for credit, as "logo modified by ...." or something similar.

If you feel frog you could jump to do a small flash. with the letters falling into position. LOL yeah that is asking alot for nothing in return but a credit on a website.


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Loos great toc.

Put your "mark" on it.

I'll use it if you don't mind.


I'm gonna bet your a "Gimp" type of guy. Where/how can I learn more of gimp.

I was to the point of not putting the logo on the site.


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Hi Mike,

my "mark" isn't necessary, it's actually just your pic with a some effects added...tis all yours.

Actually I've been using photoshop longer than the gimp and while I do know how to use the gimp (somewhat), I'm much more comfortable using Photoshop...Fontunately Crossover Office allows me to run PS in linux.

But to answer your question...The Gimp User Group has alot of cool tutorials to get you started....just takes a little imagination to apply them to your needs.

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I want a logo that is simple, clean and professional. I want the name of my business to be on the logo. I would like it to have a simple design on it so that it looks professional when I am using it. Visit for best logos. I am not sure what font or colors you should use for this logo but feel free to use whatever you think would look best.

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